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Partner with our team of cyber experts to transform how you defend against an ever-evolving threat landscape & sleep at night!

Information Security Services

In today’s interconnected and dynamic technology landscape, the threats continue to grow against enterprise systems and data. Effective enterprise and information security management become necessary as the technology landscape becomes increasingly complex to meet business needs. We have experienced security professionals who can help you implement cost-effective and in-depth information security solutions and compliance programs. 

  • Is your data and customer information protected?
  • Do you have a clear cybersecurity/information security roadmap as you bring new customers and users?

Cybersecurity risk management is the process of identifying potential risks, assessing the impact of those risks, and planning how to respond if the risks become a reality. Every organization must develop a cybersecurity management plan, regardless of size or industry. However, it is also essential to know that not all risks can be eliminated even if identified in advance.

Cloud Security Assessment and Implementation

Organizations, including small and mid-size enterprises, are moving to the cloud in huge numbers, with the vast benefits of cloud computing. Cloud providers provide security coverage in these environments, but certain areas fall under shared responsibilities. Cloud-based cyber-attacks are common primarily due to misconfiguration and vulnerabilities in the cloud services implementation of the organization. We perform a Cloud Security Posture Assessment to uncover and analyze your cyber risks, cloud service configurations, and your current IT and cloud infrastructure alignment. We have implemented cloud security solutions for our customer's cloud service providers (CSP), including Azure, AWS, and Office 365 environments.

Virtual chief information security officer(vCISO)

We provide senior security expert(s) to your organization. The vCISO works with your organization by providing cybersecurity assessment, support, and counsel and establishes an information security program that improves your organization's overall security posture. vCISO will help envision and implement long-term information security strategies, policies, and programs and lead the implementation by employing industry best practices and standards. One of the significant advantages of this model is gaining senior expertise but with significant cost reduction.

Risk Management Framework

Security, at its core, is a risk analysis and management activity. The Risk Management Framework is more than the best practice of identifying, assessing, controlling, and mitigating risks. We work with our customers to apply our lifecycle cybersecurity processes based on checklist precision, responsibility and schedule alignment, and an informed knowledge base. In addition, we provide our customers with the best practice tools, policies, templates, and techniques.

Regulatory compliance

Our information security experts understand regulatory requirements for various industries, including healthcare, financial services, and non-profits, with healthcare and financial services expertise. Our team will help you achieve your objectives, meeting regulatory compliance for HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, and ISO standards and frameworks. Our approaches, services, and solutions ensure an adaptive defense strategy, sustainable threat protection, and a mature security posture.

Our Approach

VDES tailors its customer’s approach to provide compliance requirements, directives, and instructions, and we go to work to find “everything compliance” for you. Our security experts have extensive experience implementing Information security controls, policies, and processes as part of your overall information security program that meets your governance and risk management strategy. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Network Security Auditing and Perimeter Security Auditing
  • Forensic Analysis and eDiscovery
  • Determining the impact of any compromise of confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Risk Assessment, Assessing and coordinating the assessment of the effectiveness of controls and operations
  • Developing and coordinating security policies and revisions.
  • Implementing, coordinating, and supporting change management controls.
  • Network Security (Firewall, VPN, WAF)
  • Server and Endpoint Management (MDM).
  • Data Protection (Encryption/DLP).
  • Secure Software Development (OWASP).
  • Auditing and Logging (SIEM).
  • Business Continuity (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Continuously monitoring security controls and reporting the security state
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