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Technology Management Infrastructure/IT Modernization

We help modernize your Server and Data Infrastructure by upgrading your aging Infrastructure. The upgrade also helps improve Information Security and protects your most valuable data and information assets while meeting compliance and regulations. IT infrastructure—covering data centers, communication networks, IT security, and end-user technology services—is the technology foundation that supports a company’s business strategy, ability to innovate with technology, and digital capabilities. We migrate your data center and server room equipment to world-class Cloud Infrastructure providers.

Transforming IT infrastructure into a highly efficient and strategic business foundation will improve technology-driven performance and significantly reduce costs. However, an IT infrastructure transformation is much more than a cost-cutting exercise. For example, determining how the existing contract for services compares with the rest of the marketplace is only one element. Instead, the transformation is an opportunity to gain strategic and competitive advantage through IT infrastructure capabilities. In addition, technology modernization helps with budgeting since Capex expense is converted to Opex.

Reshape Technology Management Infrastructure

We organize IT infrastructure activities for most of our clients into a plan–build–run framework to define a sourcing strategy for each activity and process. Answering questions about whether to buy or lease and outsource or insource requires looking at several qualitative and quantitative factors. Softer factors include strategic importance, expected technology lifespan, speed of innovation, level of domain expertise and customization required, and confidence in the asset itself. More challenging financial factors include pricing, investment cost, the potential for economies of scale, switching costs, maintenance costs over time, and end-of-life costs.

The answers lead to a business case for every asset, which leads to more detailed recommendations about implementation and, ultimately, the overarching strategy for the infrastructure. Finally, the highly available, scalable, and agile design helps ensure your business needs are met now and in the future.

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