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Software and Systems Integration

VDES is a Validated Software Provider/Validated Integrator with Metrc in Maryland. Metrc Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Regulation and Compliance system (Metrc) is responsible for implementing the technical and operational components of the tracking system on behalf of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). VDES’s expertise and experience are ready to take your cannabis business to the next level.

VDES is a Validated Software Provider/Validated Integrator with Metrc in Maryland.

We help you create scattered enterprise applications to achieve business process continuity, data integrity, and barrier-free collaboration. Integrating enterprise solutions ensures that the entire software environment is flawless and secure. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that will enable your ancillary services or dispensary to out-pace the competition while remaining compliant and profitable, the VDES team is here for you. 

Cannabis is complicated

We are a Software Provider and Systems Integrator. We are not experts in Cannabis compliance; however, our team will go above and beyond to get the answers to your questions. We are cybersecurity experts, software development experts, and over-experienced technologists!

We understand the compliance and software challenges in the cannabis industry and how they can be navigated to success. We will work with you as the industry evolves. In addition, we bring our experience from other industries to help navigate compliance requirements, cybersecurity, and technology modernization to keep up with the industry trends. We take a compliance-first approach with all our solutions, systems integration, or another aspect of your business model or operation.


VDES focuses on cybersecurity and technology. We understand that compliance is the heartbeat of any cannabis business. The industry faces increased regulatory pressure, operational complexity, toughening regulations, tightening budgets, and increasing compliance costs. As a result, the gap between external demands and internal capabilities is constantly widening.


VDES Security Consultants are subject matter experts for all aspects of cybersecurity and technology. We provide Risk Assessment, Planning, Operation Procedures, Management, and Training for security or technology aspects related to cannabis systems operations. Additionally, our partnerships with several cannabis CRM/ERP vendors allow us to optimize your security integration at all levels. With little or no cyber security measures, your business will come to a screeching halt. Work with VDES to implement preventative measures and protect your business and customers' data.


VDES Technology services engineers are ready to assist you with routine technology management & monitoring for your entire technology system. Additionally, we offer third-party technology vendors management, including service providers and systems integration for seamless operations. Finally, our information technology audits are used to ensure that all systems are documented, secure, and in compliance. Cyber attacks go unexpected and will typically catch you off guard.

We cover the full cycle of software and systems development

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